20 Home Interior Design with Traditional Japanese Style

Traditional Japanese Living Room 6

Japanese traditional house architecture has never lost fans from time to time. A distinctive feature of traditional Japanese home architecture is utilizing building structures made of wood with floors that do not touch the ground and sliding doors. Another uniqueness of Japanese home interiors is always displaying wood surfaces. The […]

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Top 10+ Awesome Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas To Make Your Cooking Cozy

Unique Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

Large houses and small houses usually have several rooms in them. Rooms in the house such as living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. If you still have an empty room, you can make another room. However, every room in the house must have an attractive design. One design of the […]

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10 Open Family Room Designs For Fomfortable Relaxation That Tou Can Try At Home

02 Lounge in the Loft source adorable home com

For some people, the presence of a lounge in the house is very important as a fatigue release room and to enjoy hobbies or personal activities. The function, shape, and design of the lounge itself can vary greatly depending on the house owner to what type of activity is carried […]

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10 Cool and Convenient Computer Desk Setup Ideas To Be Applied At Home For Freelancers

10 Single monitor on a simple table source thesweetsetup com

If you are a freelancer, of course, your house is your place of work. and of course, you need a comfortable workplace so you can work comfortably. For those of you who are freelancers and are confused about how to make a comfortable and cool computer desk setup, maybe this […]

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25 Amazing Indoor Garden Design Ideas To Make Your Home More Beautiful

Indoor Garden Design Ideas 71

Everyone would want to have their own dream home where the house brings a luxurious and attractive impression. Not only that, usually to bring the impression of luxury and appeal in the interior of the house is quite difficult because there are also many costs. Now you don’t need to […]

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Top 20 Gothic Home Interior Design Ideas For Create Amazing Interior

Gothic Home Decor

What do most people think of when they hear Gothic words? Maybe you think about the black matter, ghosts, darkness or other things and creepy terms.But it turns out the term “gothic” is not always concerned with these things. Gothic art is a very historical medieval beauty era aka historic. […]

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