15 Interesting Entryway Design Ideas For Your Minimalist Home

01 Stylish small entryway

The entryway is a room that connects the entrance and part of the house or living room. Entryways are usually used in large houses, but do not rule out the entryway can also be used in minimalist homes. In addition to beautifying the appearance of the house, the entryway is […]

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10 Cool and Convenient Computer Desk Setup Ideas To Be Applied At Home For Freelancers

10 Single monitor on a simple table source thesweetsetup com

If you are a freelancer, of course, your house is your place of work. and of course, you need a comfortable workplace so you can work comfortably. For those of you who are freelancers and are confused about how to make a comfortable and cool computer desk setup, maybe this […]

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10 Interesting Decorative DIY Ideas That You Can Try At Home

05 agenda calendar that looks decorative Your room will look beautiful and orderly

Making crafts, or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) items is not just a hobby that makes you happy when you make it, but it also produces its own satisfaction. Especially if you make it successfully. Ever felt it? Well, you can make DIY items that can make the room at home more beautiful! […]

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