Awesome Pallet Laundry Basket Holder Ideas to Help Your Laundry Get Organized

Awesome Pallet Laundry Basket Holder Ideas 3

The laundry room is a space that represents disorderliness as it is for cleaning clothes and things and sometimes, having kids, pets, and spouse can make you more puzzled. Then, what it should be? A laundry room should be cleaned and organized well. Having a well cleaned and organized laundry […]

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10+ Stunning Statement Ceiling Ideas to Bring Out the “Fifth Wall” to Your Home

Stunning Statement Ceiling Ideas 14

Nowadays, the ceiling is also called as the “fifth wall” and much like the rise of the feature wall two years ago, 2017 might be the year of the fifth wall. This can be considered that ceilings are just as important as the walls and furniture in home interior designs […]

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10 Magical Succulent Centerpieces Ideas for Your Table

Succulent Centerpieces Ideas for Tables 15

Commonly, people always think about using flowers in every big moments or event. Flowers almost always take apart in special occasions such as weddings, dinners, graduations and more moments. But, can we just think about other beautiful flora species that also present a beautiful symbol to complete our big moments? […]

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Bring the Nature into Your Home with These 10 Awesome Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

23 Awesome Reclaimed Wooden Furniture 3

Today, there are more people are getting interested in bringing natural style into their home. What they are looking for is something that is eco-friendly, unique, functional, and sustainable to decorate their homes. A great way to go is wooden furniture, then. However, to get fresh woods is quite difficult […]

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