8 Awesome Zen Garden Design Ideas For Minimalist Home Backyard

Amazing Zen Garden Design Ideas

In addition to creating a minimalist garden with beautiful shades, an alternative to developing a backyard for a home garden recently is by presenting a Zen Garden design Zen Garden is a traditional temple garden that is typical in Japan. Usually Zen Garden has religious accessories such as Buddhist statues […]

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10 Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas For Your Guest Comfort

Neutral Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

One important thing that we must keep in mind when planning to design a guest room is to have a plan or planning for the selection of a particular room design style. Creating a Farmhouse-style living room can be a new style that you can apply in designing a room, […]

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10 Elegant Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Fancy Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

In this day and age, people are racing to look luxurious. Not only appearance, but even their home is also designed so that it exudes an impression of luxury and elegance. Usually, this luxury home has an elegant bathroom design using marble or glass. Have you ever imagined how luxurious […]

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11 Modern Ceiling Design for Your Small Living Room to Look Luxurious

Modern Living Room Gypsum Ceiling

For people who don’t pay too much attention to the structure of the house, maybe the ceiling is the last piece that is often noticed. In fact, the ceiling is part of the building that is enough to determine the beauty of a room in the house. Can you imagine, […]

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12 Beautiful Kitchen Design Suitable for Your Minimalist Apartment

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen

Empty land in the middle of the city has become a rare item. Not surprisingly, dwellings with an increasingly mushrooming apartment concept, for example, apartments. Although built in stages, the size of one apartment unit is very limited. It usually only consists of one or two bedrooms only, but it […]

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9 Beautiful Boho Interior Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Home Impressive

Minimalist Hippie Interior Decorations

Have you ever heard the term ‘Boho style’? Indeed, not many people know in detail what and how this design style is applied to make your home look attractive and shady. This concept is very rich in the use of colors, textures, and layers so that the three basic accents […]

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10 Gorgeous Modern Landscape Designs To Make Your Home Look Stylish

Contemporary Landscape Design ideas

Having a small or large house landscape will really look beautiful and unique as long as we are able to design the landscape of the house in such a way that the design is unique and attractive. The home landscape also emphasizes comfort when doing activities in a home garden […]

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12 Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Color Design Ideas You Can Try

kitchen cabinet paint color ideas

The design for the kitchen space not only relies on and prioritizes functions but must also meet aesthetic standards. Because this area is one of everyone’s favorite spaces, especially for those who like to cook. Spending time in the kitchen will always give you pleasure. Both psychologically and aesthetically. Kitchen […]

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