10 Extraordinary Garage Designs For You Who Like Automotive

In Garage

Almost everyone already has a private motorized vehicle. Although there are pros and cons of private vehicles in crowded urban areas, having a private vehicle is still needed. By having a private vehicle, you can save time in meeting household needs or other urgent needs. However, private vehicles can be […]

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17 Awesome Home Theater Designs For You Who Are Movie Lovers

Private Cinema decoration

Today, everyone needs entertainment in order to simply eliminate fatigue and stress due to daily activities. By simply entertaining yourself with karaoke or watching a box office movie of choice or watching regular TV broadcasts or concerts this can be a little distracting and eliminating fatigue and fatigue due to […]

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17 Sweet Kids Room Decor So That Child Are More Cheerful

Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Activities with children are clearly one of the most enjoyable activities for parents. One of the activities that can be done is to decorate a child’s room. Not only can it be a medium of interaction that makes the relationship between children and parents more intimate, but this activity will […]

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15 Popular Mosaic Floor Ideas For Home Interior To Be More Stylish

flooring mosaic ideas

Believe me, floor tiles are one of the important elements in home design? There are reasons why ceramics are one of the most popular floor finishing options. There are many floor shapes and motifs that you can choose according to your needs and style. With the selection of patterns, types, […]

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18 Decorative Wood Lamp Designs That Can Beautify Your Home

Wood Design Lamp 3

Lights since ancient times have greatly helped human needs at night. The more advanced human civilization, the role of lights is not only as lighting but as decorative lights as a decoration and sweetener of a very elegant and luxurious room. Decorative lighting (usually as the main lamp of the […]

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