12 Beautiful Kitchen Design Suitable for Your Minimalist Apartment

Empty land in the middle of the city has become a rare item. Not surprisingly, dwellings with an increasingly mushrooming apartment concept, for example, apartments. Although built in stages, the size of one apartment unit is very limited. It usually only consists of one or two bedrooms only, but it still has a family room, bathroom, and kitchen.

The apartment kitchen is usually in the hallway near the entrance or balcony door. The size is very mini and only able to load one stove and one small sink. Don’t expect kitchen devices with lots of doors and storage space, apartment kitchens usually only have kitchen devices with only 2 or 3 doors. Even so, the apartment kitchen must still look beautiful. Some of the following small kitchen interior design inspirations for this apartment might help you.

Neat Minimalist Kitchen
Neat Minimalist Kitchen

The size of the smaller occupancy makes the size of each room to be very limited, not least in the kitchen. Therefore, residents also need to work around this well. Especially for those of you who live in apartments whose width tends to be narrower than an ordinary house.

But actually, you don’t need a large space to make your kitchen comfortable and attractive. Even though it is small in size, if you design and arrange it well, a beautiful kitchen can be realized. In fact, even in very limited land, you can make a kitchen that has multi-functional functions.

In limited land, the multifunctional concept can also be used to make the kitchen look more spacious. A multifunctional kitchen is one way to overcome the limitations of space. Some of them are integrated with the dining room, laundry, or even both.

In this way, you can make your small kitchen have many functions: as a place to prepare food, serve it, and eat it. Not only the dining table that can be put together with the kitchen set. Washing and ironing can also be combined with your kitchen set. The concept of a multifunctional kitchen like this is often found in apartments because of limited land.

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Bar Minimalist Kitchen ideas
Bar Minimalist Kitchen ideas – Source: mykinglist.com
Cheerful Minimalist Kitchen
Cheerful Minimalist Kitchen – Source: workingholiday-canada.info
Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen
Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen – Source: gessato.com
Kitchen Wall Design 2019
Kitchen Wall Design 2019 – Source: endangering.info
Minimalist Apartment Kitchen decoration
Minimalist Apartment Kitchen decoration – Source: roohome.com
Minimalist Kitchen with all Wooden decoration
Minimalist Kitchen with all Wooden decoration – Source: workingholiday-canada.info
Minimalist White Kitchen
Minimalist White Kitchen – Source: artpartner.com.ua
Modern Minimalist Kitchen
Modern Minimalist Kitchen – Source: idesignarch.com
Neat Minimalist Kitchen
Neat Minimalist Kitchen – Source: byrneseyeview.com
Small Modern Kitchen Design
Small Modern Kitchen Design – Source: dwell.com
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Wall Kitchen Design ideas – Source: todecorate-home.blogspot.com
White Kitchen Minimalist Concept
White Kitchen Minimalist Concept – Source: myhomemyparadise.com

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