11 Modern Ceiling Design for Your Small Living Room to Look Luxurious

For people who don’t pay too much attention to the structure of the house, maybe the ceiling is the last piece that is often noticed. In fact, the ceiling is part of the building that is enough to determine the beauty of a room in the house. Can you imagine, what happens if a house is not decorated by the ceiling? The ceiling of this house is not only as a cover for the roof truss but also as a place to hide all electrical and water installations on the ceiling frame.

A living room with a beautiful ceiling or ceiling design adds to the aesthetic value of the living room. In the world of architecture, ceilings determine the structure which is the boundary between the roof and walls, and with different surface designs.

Modern Living Room Gypsum Ceiling
Modern Living Room Gypsum Ceiling

Actually the ceiling does not have structural functions in a house. This means that the house can still be used and used even if the ceiling is not installed. The main function of the ceiling is for neatness, beauty, and also health for residents of the house.

The ceiling also has an important function related to health. The design of the ceiling of the living room and other rooms will withstand dirt falling from the roof through the gap in the tile so that the house does not get dirty quickly.

Over time, the ceiling of the house is now an important part of our home interior design. Various types and models of ceilings can make our homes more beautiful and comfortable to live in. One room that is the first choice for the ceiling is usually the living room. This is the room where we receive guests who come to the house and of course we want to give a good impression with the beautiful ceiling above the living room.

A well-installed ceiling will also facilitate air circulation so that it can muffle the sound, especially for music rooms and the like. Now, after knowing the importance of the ceiling, here is a minimalist ceiling design that you can try in your home. With this modern ceiling design inspiration, you will be more observant in matters of modern ceilings for your living room.

Modern Gypsum Ceiling
Modern Gypsum Ceiling – source: decor30.com
Modern false Ceiling Design
Modern False Ceiling Design – source: yandex.com.tr
Luxury Living Room Ceiling Design ideas
Luxury Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas – source: joyclenershavering.com
Living Room Gypsum Ceiling
Living Room Gypsum Ceiling – source: raykom.net
Living Room Ceiling
Living Room Ceiling – source: pranaycoffee.com
Living Room Ceiling Lights ideas
Living Room Ceiling Lights ideas – source: eemcnow.net
Living Room Ceiling Designs
Living Room Ceiling Designs – source: agapelocs.blogspot.com
Led Ceiling Design
Led Ceiling Design – source: aliexpress.com
Ceiling Modern
Ceiling Modern – source: referenceinteriors.com
Ceiling Design ideas
Ceiling Design Ideas – source: louisvuittonpurses.org
Modern Living Room Gypsum Ceiling
Modern Living Room Gypsum Ceiling – source: yandex.co.il

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