9 Beautiful Minimalist Swimming Pool Designs To Make Your Family Happy

Swimming has always been a favorite sport for many people. Even today, even though there are many new types of sports that have sprung up, swimming still has an interest in it.

Swimming besides being healthy, and has many benefits such as shrinking the stomach, exercising muscles, and increasing height, can also be refreshing. Most people who like to swim, usually channel their hobbies by swimming in public swimming pools which can be found easily.

However, for those of you who don’t really like swimming in public places, making a private pool at home is one alternative that can be taken. Usually a swimming pool becomes one of the facilities that is synonymous with stately and large houses.

Swimming Pool Designs
Swimming Pool Designs

But the fact is, if you have large land behind the house, you can also make a private swimming pool. Of course, because of the limited size of the land you can not make a swimming pool as big as a public swimming pool, but at least you can make a minimalist swimming pool that is small but enough for you and your family.

The next important thing to consider is the level of the floor surface. Try the height of the pool is not higher than the pool deck. This is intended to maintain family comfort and safety.

Consult with pool design for interior designers is actually a wise choice, because in addition to being able to get a slick design, it can also reduce costs caused by various things. Many people think that renting interior design services in building swimming pools will be more expensive, even though the opposite is true. Interior designers will provide estimates of costs incurred in accordance with the Draft Budget agreed at the outset. So there are no unexpected costs, development error costs, and so on.

Below are some beautiful minimalist swimming pool designs that you can try.

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Beautiful Backyards With Pools – source: decoratoo.com
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Beautiful Pools For Small Backyards – source: everybeautytalks.com
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tropical courtyard pool
tropical courtyard pool – source: wallpaperfool.com
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Amazing Small Backyard Pool Ideas – source: kalvez.com

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