10 Extraordinary Fireplace Designs For The Cozy Home

The fireplace is used to create a relaxed atmosphere while warming the room. Modern fireplaces have varying heat efficiency, depending on design sophistication.

Fireplaces may have foundations, stoves, combustion cavities, hoods, chimney channels (used in the kitchen and laundry), bars, thresholds, thresholds, decorative panels, air flow regulators, smoke chambers, necks, and drain pipes.

Attic Fireplace Living Room
Attic Fireplace Living Room – source: en.denia.com

At present, fireplaces are rarely used as heaters because there are already electronic temperature regulators. So the fireplace is used as a decoration to beautify the appearance of a room because indeed the fireplace has a very interesting architectural form.

A fireplace is also very useful if the house where you live is in a mountainous location, this is very important as an alternative heater that is more natural and does not require electricity, so you can save on your electricity needs.

Along with the times, there are now many fireplaces with modern forms. What makes you curious? Let’s look at some of the following fireplace designs!

Classic Fireplace
Classic Fireplace – source: demilovatocentral.com
Contemporary Fireplace Design
Contemporary Fireplace Design – source: www.stylemotivation.com
Contemporary Fireplaces
Contemporary Fireplaces – source: pinterest.com
Attic Fireplace Living Room
Attic Fireplace Living Room – source: en.denia.com
Living Area Fireplace
Living Area Fireplace – source: interiorzine.com
Modern Fireplace
Modern Fireplace – source: designonvine.com
Modern Gas Fireplace Freestanding
Modern Gas Fireplace Freestanding – source: lafrimeuse.com
Sculpture Design Fireplace
Sculpture Design Fireplace – source: es.decorationideas.net
Stone Fireplace
Stone Fireplace – source: jacob-roberts-dejl.squarespace.com
Wood Burning Fireplace
Wood Burning Fireplace – source: accessnw.org

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