12 Beautiful Ornamental Plant Rack Designs for Your Comfortable Home

If you are a plant lover, of course, it is not impossible if you put forward the nuances of nature in the interior and exterior design of your home. In fact, maybe the Front Garden is not enough to create a natural atmosphere in the dwelling. For plant lovers, of course not only ordinary plants that are at home but also some ornamental plants as a complement to the beauty of your home. Well, these ornamental plants are often placed in the interior of the house. But if the amount is not small? then you need a plant rack.

Often plant lovers also have a Green House at home. But if you want to use some ornamental plants to decorate your home, then you can bring some plants in pots into the house. Usually, not infrequently there are several residences that include a Minimalist Indoor Park as a green space inside the interior. While the plant rack functions the same as the Plant Stand, but has more capacity, making it suitable for ornamental plants that do not have large sizes.

Flower Shelf Design
Flower Shelf Design – source: guide.alibaba.com

There are many models of ornamental plant racks that can be applied in your home with diverse materials. Now, the theme of ‘returning to nature’ is quite popular, so the use of wooden plant shelves dominates more than other materials made from shelves of plants. In addition to being environmentally friendly, wooden plant shelves bring a simple and unique impression, depending on how you choose to design and creation.

Determine the number of plants to be placed in the rack for capacity calculation. Also, determine which plants will be placed on the shelf. You can choose shelf material according to taste. Wooden plant shelves are usually most in demand because besides being environmentally friendly, wooden shelves can be made by yourself. In fact, you can use Wood Pallets as furniture for your ornamental plants. Choose an ornamental plant shelf model that suits your taste and adjust the size with the number of plants.

You can model multilevel racks, vertical shelves and hanging plant racks. Make a model of something you need. If applied in the interior, make sure there is a place to hold water in the pot. So when watering it, the water does not spill onto the floor. Give natural colors to the shelves of ornamental plants. For wood, natural wood color is more beautiful. As for iron material and so on, you can use black or white for an elegant impression. It’s best not to put large plants on your plant shelf. If each pot and plant are of the same size, the plant shelf will look harmonious and beautiful. Place the heaviest pot at the bottom and place the lighter pot at the top to maintain the durability of your plant rack.

Here are some Beautiful Plant Rack Models that can be an inspiration for designing your dream home.

Flower Pot Plant Stand
Flower Pot Plant Stand – source: shopotam.ru
Flower Rack ideas
Flower Rack ideas – source: alexnld.com
Flower Rack
Flower Rack – source: residencestyle.com
Flower Shelf Design
Flower Shelf Design – source: guide.alibaba.com
Flower Shelf
Flower Shelf – source: www.pinterest.fr
Garden Wooden Plant Stand
Garden Wooden Plant Stand – source: chicdeals.net
Indoor Plant Rack
Indoor Plant Rack – source: viralpatel.pro
Indoor Plants Garden ideas
Indoor Plants Garden ideas – source: trulyhandpicked.com
Plant Rack Indoor Beautiful
Plant Rack Indoor Beautiful – source: atlashub.info
Rack Flower Stand
Rack Flower Stand – source: guide.alibaba.com
Shelf Vantage Plant Rack
Shelf Vantage Plant Rack – source: rosegal.com
Wooden Plant Rack
Wooden Plant Rack – source: gardenista.com

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