10 Extraordinary Garage Designs For You Who Like Automotive

Almost everyone already has a private motorized vehicle. Although there are pros and cons of private vehicles in crowded urban areas, having a private vehicle is still needed. By having a private vehicle, you can save time in meeting household needs or other urgent needs. However, private vehicles can be said to be like humans who also need a place at home. If you have a private vehicle, then you have to provide a space for the garage.

Having a motorbike or bicycle as a private vehicle, certainly not too complicated in making a garage, because with a body that is not too large can be tricked by storing it in the house or on the terrace of the house. Then what if you have a car as a private vehicle? Of course, you must have a garage to store it.

In Garage
In Garage – source: cadillacforums.com

At the present Minimalist House, Carport is a replacement for the garage. The carport is a place to store vehicles in front of or beside the house. If you want a garage model on the side of the house, there are many things to consider, including the existence of land and design. In addition to storing vehicles, the garage is also used to fix and modify your vehicle, so you also have to design a garage like a mini-workshop in your dream home.

Here are some awesome garage designs that can be your inspiration in designing garage models in your home.

Another coolest garage
Another coolest garage – source: motoringunderground.com
Best Home Garage Design
Best Home Garage Design – source: pinterest.com
car Garage area
car Garage area – source: mycarquest.com
Elegant Garage
Elegant Garage – source: schmidtsbigbass.com
Family Garage
Family Garage – source: kdhamptons.com
Garage & Workshop
Garage & Workshop – source: superbrick.co.uk
In Garage
In Garage – source: cadillacforums.com
Modern car Garage Designs
Modern car Garage Designs – source: garageliving.com
Old Garage Interiors
Old Garage Interiors – source: dewdirectory.com
underground car garage
underground car garage – source: cipert.org

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