10 Beautiful House Ceramic Motifs That Make Your Interior Stylish

Modern House Ceramic Motifs. Ceramic is an important material in interior and exterior decoration of the house. As a foothold and not the main part of a house, ceramics play a role in creating comfort and a beautiful impression in the interior decoration of your home.

In addition to beautifying the home interior design, ceramics also create the impression of being cold inside the house. If you have a Modern or Minimalist House Model, ceramic floors are suitable for the interior of your dream home. Especially now that with the development of the era, the motives of ceramics are also increasingly diverse.

Flower Design Tiles
Flower Design Tiles – source: thetransformerplace.com

Ceramic floors are very diverse, ranging from materials, sizes, models, and motifs. That depends on where you will install the ceramic. Ceramics that are installed on the Bathroom Floor Design are of course different materials, sizes and motifs compared to those installed in the Living Room or House Terrace. So, if you want to choose ceramics, do not arbitrarily choose. Incorrect installation will make your house look at the wrong costume. You have to place the right ceramic floor in accordance with the material you are making.

Determine the location of the ceramic tile because the location of the ceramic is installed will determine the material and size. Choose ceramics that have good density. Mild ceramics indicate that the ceramic is not good (porous) and easily broken when installed. Test it by scratching and rubbing it. If the ceramic leaves scratches or strokes, the ceramics have poor quality. Adjust the size of the ceramic to the size of the room. Choose ceramic floor that is durable even though it is often stepped on, easy to clean from spills of water, oil and other stains. Choose motifs, designs, and colors according to the theme of the room to make it look harmonious.

Here are the ceramic floor motifs that can be your reference and inspiration in designing your Home.

Ceramic Floor Design ideas
Ceramic Floor Design ideas – source: kellymobilehomesandrv.com
Ceramic Floor Tile White
Ceramic Floor Tile White – source: www.adobegunlugu.com
Ceramic Marble
Ceramic Marble – source: pinterest.ru
Ceramic Wood Flooring
Ceramic Wood Flooring – source: pickndecor.com
Floor Decor Tile
Floor Decor Tile – source: archiproducts.com
Floor Tiles Design
Floor Tiles Design – source: dezinde.com
Floor Tiles
Floor Tiles – source: jesalhomeinspections.com
Flooring Ideas for Entryways
Flooring Ideas for Entryways – source: kellymobilehomesandrv.com
Flower Design Tiles
Flower Design Tiles – source: kellymobilehomesandrv.com
Kitchen Floor Tiles Black
Kitchen Floor Tiles Black – source: kellymobilehomesandrv.com

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