25 Fabulous Design Ideas for Mini Libraries in Your Home

For those who like to read, books are the most fun and a shortcut to seeing the world, so collecting books is important. If you don’t have personal reading, the library is a favorite place for book enthusiasts. The lack of cabinets or space might be one reason why having a book at home is quite a hassle because there is no special storage. But when it comes to favorite books, of course, you want to have a shelf to store it.

Small Home Office Design books
Small Home Office Design books – Source: schulweg.info

No need to wait for a collection of books to be installed to make a library at home. If the book is a valuable asset for those who like to read, of course, it won’t let the storage area damage the book. Stacking books in a cardboard box or putting them in a tight cupboard rack will slowly damage the books.

many think that libraries need a lot of space. Having a private library at home is certainly a dream for anyone who likes to read. In addition to functioning to store favorite books, mini-libraries at home can be a place to be alone and see the world in imagination in a book. To make a private library, having a spacious room is an advantage. If not, you can use creative space at home.

Mini library design tips at home:

Mini-libraries at home do not always have their own space. You can choose one wall at home to put a bookshelf on the wall. Use a large shelf that can stick from the floor to the ceiling of the house. You can choose a wall in the family room, dining room or bedroom.

Besides the walls, you can use the stairs under the roof to make a private library.

Bookshelf design that is not monotonous. Shelves are not always in the form of boxes, you can design diagonally or other positions according to your creativity to add artistic value to the interior of your home.

Arrange the book according to the theme or size to make it easier when it will be searched when beautifying the appearance to look neat.

You can adjust the book according to its color to create a decorative impression. Using the color of a white shelf with a colored book will make it an interesting blend.

Here are some mini library models at home that can be used as inspiration to design a library in your dream home.

Small Home Office Design books 3
Small Home Office Design books 3 – Source: bridget055.blogspot.com
Small Home Office Design books 2
Small Home Office Design books 2 – Source: read-to-breathe.tumblr.com
Mini Library Design
Mini Library Design – Source: prohandmade.ru
Mini Library Design 2
Mini Library Design 2 – Source: topdreamer.com
Interior small Library
Interior small Library – Source: rafael-home-biz.com
Interior small Library 5
Interior small Library 5 – Source: greatideahub.com
Interior small Library 4
Interior small Library 4 – Source: futuristarchitecture.com
Interior small Library 3
Interior small Library 3 – Source: simpletranz.com
Interior small Library 2
Interior small Library 2 – Source: eshopcos.com
Home Corridor ideas with Mini Library
Home Corridor ideas with Mini Library – Source: idntimes.com
Cozy Home Room with books
Cozy Home Room with books – Source: amzhouse.com
Cozy Home Room with books 7
Cozy Home Room with books 7 – Source: pinterest.ru
Cozy Home Room with books 6
Cozy Home Room with books 6 – Source: home-decorating-diy.net
Cozy Home Room with books 5
Cozy Home Room with books 5 – Source: welee.me
Cozy Home Room with books 4
Cozy Home Room with books 4 – Source: homeinterior1.com
Cozy Home Room with books 3
Cozy Home Room with books 3 – Source: interiorson.com
Cozy Home Room with books 2
Cozy Home Room with books 2 – Source: adelto.co.uk
Cozy book Living Room
Cozy book Living Room – Source: singaporeinteriordesigns.com
Cozy book Living Room 8
Cozy book Living Room 8 – Source: wiringforum.com
Cozy book Living Room 7
Cozy book Living Room 7 – Source: builderssurplus.us
Cozy book Living Room 6
Cozy book Living Room 6 – Source: houseofjadeinteriorsblog.com
Cozy book Living Room 5
Cozy book Living Room 5 – Source: idealhome.co.uk
Cozy book Living Room 4
Cozy book Living Room 4 – Source: pinterest.ru
Cozy book Living Room 2
Cozy book Living Room 2 – Source: onekingslane.com
Colorful Home Library
Colorful Home Library – Source: lining-shop.info

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