17 Creative and Beautiful Space Limiting Design Ideas

Every room in a house doesn’t have to be separated by a wall. For a more integrated or wider impression, each space can be limited by a space barrier. However, underestimating the choice of space dividers will affect the final result of presenting the available space. Conversely, with the right space partition not only becomes more functional but has visual added value.

Room Partition Wall Design
Room Partition Wall Design – Source: pinterest.ch

Partitions are fields that are used as a separator of a non-permanently designed space. Unlike walls, separating one room or more using partitions has several advantages. One of them is the size of the room will still feel spacious even though it has been divided into two rooms or even more.

Aside from being a divider or space separator, along with the development partition it also has functions and other purposes besides just separating space. Partitions also become the most important part of the interior which also functions as a unique decorative element.

If your house has an open floor concept, it seems like the use of bulkhead can be a solution. You can choose the shape and type of room according to the condition and size of the room. Also, pay attention to the use of furniture to align with the partition of the room you are using.

Special materials, use partitions whose material does not damage other interior elements such as walls or floors. Because the nature of the partition that is not permanent gives you many possibilities to be able to move its position according to your needs. Which means non-permanent partitions will not damage interior elements when done.

Choosing partitions or bulkhead design is indeed easy and difficult. But keep in mind, as the development of the world of interior design, the model and type of bulkhead of this room does not only rely on function. It can also look stylish and can, therefore, provide additional aesthetic levels of the space needed.

No wonder most people are not half-hearted when designing room dividers using expensive materials such as glass, iron, or others. You don’t need to worry because you can also bring an aesthetically pleasing room with a cost that doesn’t drain the bag. With a little creativity, there are various room partition designs that you can choose from!

Room Partition Wall Design 4
Room Partition Wall Design 4 – Source: billielourd.org
Room Partition Wall Design 3
Room Partition Wall Design 3 – Source: schulweg.info
Room Partition Wall Design 2
Room Partition Wall Design 2 – Source: vrutmilife.com
Partition Wall Living Room
Partition Wall Living Room – Source: onenemo.com
Partition Wall Living Room 7
Partition Wall Living Room 7 – Source: roomester.ru
Partition Wall Living Room 6
Partition Wall Living Room 6 – Source: mtboostercable.com
Partition Wall Living Room 5
Partition Wall Living Room 5 – Source: hit-interiors.com
Partition Wall Living Room 4
Partition Wall Living Room 4 – Source: livinator.com
Partition Wall Living Room 3
Partition Wall Living Room 3 – Source: hit-interiors.com
Partition Wall Living Room 2
Partition Wall Living Room 2 – Source: uhousedesignplans.info
Creative Living Room Divider ideas
Creative Living Room Divider ideas – Source: lining-shop.info
Creative Living Room Divider ideas 5
Creative Living Room Divider ideas 5 – Source: homeworlddesign.com
Creative Living Room Divider ideas 4
Creative Living Room Divider ideas 4 – Source: sasitbg.com
Creative Living Room Divider ideas 3
Creative Living Room Divider ideas 3 – Source: dezinde.com
Creative Living Room Divider ideas 2
Creative Living Room Divider ideas 2 – Source: billielourd.org
Bedroom Wall Separator
Bedroom Wall Separator – Source: telavivrentalapartements.com
Bedroom Wall Separator 2
Bedroom Wall Separator 2 – Source: paintonline.org

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