17 Charming Bathroom Designs for Minimalist House

The bathroom is one of the important parts of the house that must be considered with a good design. This is because the function of the bathroom is now wider. The bathroom is now not only used for self-cleaning but is also used as a place of relaxation to escape from dense daily activities.

Small long Bathroom
Small long Bathroom – Source: carrofotos.com

Given this very important bathroom function, it is not uncommon for many people to spend a lot of money to realize a dream bathroom. To support relaxation activities carried out in the bathroom, you can use the right modern bathroom design.

This modern bathroom is designed to create a simple and clean impression in the bathroom. The impression of modern, simple and comfortable will appear by using this one bathroom design. Modern bathroom designs also appear more charming and up-to-date so you will feel at home pampering yourself there.

Some people may find it difficult to create a comfortable atmosphere in small bathroom design. However, by making the right design settings for this small bathroom, you can get a bathroom that is not only comfortable but also modern and contemporary. This minimalist modern bathroom design divides the wet and dry area using a glass screen so the bathroom looks wider.

Modern minimalist bathroom designs tend to accentuate the use of neutral colors that dominate. Designing a minimalist modern bathroom certainly must be considered well so that it can display the atmosphere of a simple, functional and elegant bathroom without losing aesthetic value.

For modern minimalist bathroom design, you can use bathroom furniture such as bathtubs, toilets, showers and more, with a modern and contemporary design to create a harmonious overall look. This modern bathroom furniture always looks elegant and matches a minimalist concept.

In order not to look monotonous and ordinary, you can play on the floor and walls of the bathroom by applying a unique and interesting ceramic motif, but still in accordance with the design of the bathroom. This minimalist modern bathroom design is guaranteed to make you feel at home for long in the bathroom.

Small long Bathroom 8
Small long Bathroom 8 – Source: vitainterface.com
Small long Bathroom 7
Small long Bathroom 7 – Source: yaplanchoyo.com
Small long Bathroom 6
Small long Bathroom 6 – Source: bathroom-idea.net
Small long Bathroom 5
Small long Bathroom 5 – Source: maxwebshop.club
Small long Bathroom 4
Small long Bathroom 4 – Source: otlamp.com
Small long Bathroom 3
Small long Bathroom 3 – Source: roundecor.com
Small long Bathroom 2
Small long Bathroom 2 – Source: decoratorist.com
Charming Little Bathroom
Charming Little Bathroom – Source: housestclair.com
Charming Little Bathroom 10
Charming Little Bathroom 10 – Source: keribrownhomes.com
Charming Little Bathroom 9
Charming Little Bathroom 9 – Source: bajkowaszafa.com
Charming Little Bathroom 8
Charming Little Bathroom 8 – Source: designbx.com
Charming Little Bathroom 7
Charming Little Bathroom 7 – Source: bdmatboard.com
Charming Little Bathroom 6
Charming Little Bathroom 6 – Source: cotedetexas.blogspot.com
Charming Little Bathroom 5
Charming Little Bathroom 5 – Source: savedogemas.com
Charming Little Bathroom 4
Charming Little Bathroom 4 – Source: homedezign.net
Charming Little Bathroom 3
Charming Little Bathroom 3 – Source: homeworlddesign.com
Charming Little Bathroom 2
Charming Little Bathroom 2 – Source: bluemonkeyff.com

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