16 Design Beautiful and Safe Beds for Babies

One of the furniture needed for parents who have a new baby is a baby cot. Of course, this bed is not the same as a teen-sized bed and parents, but it is smaller and also safe for babies. On each side, there is a safety so that the child will not fall while sleeping on the bed.

Simple Bed for Baby 1
Simple Bed for Baby 1  – Source: kmart.com

Things that are no stranger to hearing about baby gear are baby cots. A baby bed is where the baby sleeps and also moves. In fact, baby cots are also a place for their physical and psychological development.

Various designs of baby beds will certainly make the atmosphere of the baby’s bedroom more funny and adorable. Baby cots must be chosen in terms of safety and comfort.

Bed baskets for babies usually have high support around them. This buffer is useful to provide security for your child while sleeping or moving.

You need to pay attention to the strength of the support, not until only a few months have been used that the buffer has been damaged so that it interferes with the safety and comfort of the Little One.

If the child is 4 months old, he will roll a lot even he can kick. When entering the age of 5 or 6 months it will start flipping from back to front. Because of this, the Little One needs a supporting bed so that he does not easily fall from his bed when he moves a lot.

Various designs of baby beds, of course, sometimes make you confused in choosing it. There are several things that must be considered in choosing a baby bed. Here are some beautiful and safe crib designs.

Simple Bed for Baby
Simple Bed for Baby  – Source: projectsewn.com
Simple Bed for Baby 10
Simple Bed for Baby 10  – Source: alibaba.com
Simple Bed for Baby 9
Simple Bed for Baby 9  – Source: aliexpress.com


Simple Bed for Baby 8
Simple Bed for Baby 8 – Source: alliexpress-int.otzovy.ru
Simple Bed for Baby 7
Simple Bed for Baby 7 – Source: carrebianhome.com
Simple Bed for Baby 6
Simple Bed for Baby 6  – Source: yandex.com
Simple Bed for Baby 5
Simple Bed for Baby 5  – Source: guide.alibaba.com
Simple Bed for Baby 4
Simple Bed for Baby 4  – Source: urulick.ru
Simple Bed for Baby 3
Simple Bed for Baby 3  – Source: lizandroo.com
Simple Bed for Baby 2
Simple Bed for Baby 2  – Source: myitalianliving.com
Dimensions Baby Bed
Dimensions Baby Bed  – Source: blog-crocodilebaby.com
Dimensions Baby Bed 3
Dimensions Baby Bed 3  – Source: bulkchinese.com
Dimensions Baby Bed 2
Dimensions Baby Bed 2  – Source: alexandalexa.com
Crib on the Side of the parents' Bed
Crib on the Side of the parents’ Bed  – Source: roblonardo.co
Crib on the Side of the parents' Bed 3
Crib on the Side of the parents’ Bed 3  – Source: pinterest.ru
Crib on the Side of the parents' Bed 2
Crib on the Side of the parents’ Bed 2  – Source: churchillsofbuckhead.com

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