18 Decorative Wood Lamp Designs That Can Beautify Your Home

Lights since ancient times have greatly helped human needs at night. The more advanced human civilization, the role of lights is not only as lighting but as decorative lights as a decoration and sweetener of a very elegant and luxurious room.

Wood Design Lamp
Wood Design Lamp  – Source: centoventesimo.com

Decorative lighting (usually as the main lamp of the companion room lamp) is now very diverse which is an important accessory in home design. Light technology innovation is no longer from flame or candles anymore, the electric discovery also influences lighting design and decorative lighting.

Light bulbs or incandescent lamps according to Wikipedia: “Incandescent lamps are artificial sources of light produced by channeling electric current through a filament which then heats and produces light. Glass that covers the hot filaments prevents air from connecting with it so that the filament will not be directly damaged by oxidation. incandescent is marketed in various forms and is available for working voltages (voltages) that vary from 1.25 volts to 300 volts. Electric energy needed by incandescent lamps to produce bright light is greater than other artificial light sources such as fluorescent lights and light diodes, then gradually in some countries, the circulation of incandescent lamps starts to be limited. Apart from utilizing the light produced, some use of incandescent lamps makes more use of the heat produced, for example, cage heaters and infrared heaters in the heating process in industrial fields. ”

Especially since the invention of LED (Light Emitting Diode) or High Power LED technology that is more durable, durable, inexpensive, not hot, and of course energy efficient, adding to the design and shape of indoor and outdoor lights. White (cool white) or yellowish (Hot Warm) can be taken into consideration for the color of your homeroom.

For decorative lights to be more beautiful, you have to put the lights in accordance with the design of your home, if your room is small you have to choose a lamp that is minimalist and not too large. The ideal distance for the smallest decorative lamp height is 30 cm from the head height. Various forms of lights can also be adjusted to the room.

Besides that, I present a decorative lamp design made from exotic and unique wood, of course, if you want to have it, while there is no one in the lighting shop, you can order the form at the carpenter. Or as an alternative, you can make it from used ice cream sticks.

Wooden Table Lamps
Wooden Table Lamps  – Source: 954bartend.info
Wood lampshade
Wood lampshade  – Source: subir.pw
Wood Design Lamp 4
Wood Design Lamp 4  – Source: aliexpress.com
Wood Design Lamp 2
Wood Design Lamp 2  – Source: decorobject.com
Wood Concrete Lamp
Wood Concrete Lamp  – Source: shumatsu-distortion.info
Wood Art Lamp
Wood Art Lamp  – Source: instructables.com
Wood Art Lamp 4
Wood Art Lamp 4  – Source: pricearchive.org
Wood Art Lamp 3
Wood Art Lamp 3  – Source: pinterest.ru
Wood Art Lamp 2
Wood Art Lamp 2  – Source: wanitamalas.com
Simple Wooden Lamp
Simple Wooden Lamp  – Source: valleyhomegrown.com
Simple Wooden Lamp 3
Simple Wooden Lamp 3  – Source: pinterest.fr
Simple Wooden Lamp 2
Simple Wooden Lamp 2  – Source: pixelbox.net
Night Lamp from Wood
Night Lamp from Wood  – Source: idlights.com
Handmade Wooden Lamps
Handmade Wooden Lamps  – Source: design-inspiration.net
Handmade Wooden Lamps 5
Handmade Wooden Lamps 5  – Source: pinterest.de
Handmade Wooden Lamps 4
Handmade Wooden Lamps 4  – Source: pinterest.ru
Handmade Wooden Lamps 2
Handmade Wooden Lamps 2  – Source: pinterest.ru
Handmade Wooden Lamps 3
Handmade Wooden Lamps 3  – Source: wowfyy.com

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