8 Wall Rack Design Ideas for Your Minimalist Home

Sometimes, we are tempted to buy things even if there is no storage. Not infrequently the items that have been used are not placed in the original place. These items are then stacked on a table or corner of the room so that the house falls apart. To outsmart, let’s consider installing a minimalist wall shelf. Here are some minimalist wall shelf ideas that you can apply!

Wall Art
Wall Art – Source: interiordesignblogs.net

The minimalist design of hexagon wall shelves

Looking for a unique minimalist wall shelf inspiration? You can try this one design. Hexagon shape or honeycomb that is rarely found in the interior of the house makes it suitable for those who like to look different.

In addition to storing goods, this minimalist model of hexagon wall shelf can also be used as a gallery in the corner of the room.

If arranged proportionally, this wall shelf can be your own work in your home. But on the contrary, if it is wrong in the arrangement, the hexagon shape will make the corner of the room appear fuller than it really is. Make sure this minimalist hexagon wall shelf spreads on both sides of the corner.

Design of Hexagon Wall Shelves
Design of Hexagon Wall Shelves – Source: shoppingrechargeoffers.com
Modern Hexagon Wall Shelves
Modern Hexagon Wall Shelves – Source: shop.widaryanto.info

Minimalist vertical wall shelves are a safe choice

Installation of vertical wall shelves is the most commonly used trick to make the room appear higher than the actual one including in the corner of the room. The illusion of a room that is higher than a minimalist vertical wall shelf will make the corner far from being solid and stuffy even though there is a storage area for things there.

Minimalist vertical wall shelves
Minimalist vertical wall shelves – Source: pinterest.ru
Modern vertical wall shelves
Modern vertical wall shelves – Source: tdgteam.com

Build built-in shelving

Built-in shelves or wall shelves that stand out inward are one of the options that you can try to corner the room. This minimalist wall shelf model will help you have a problem with a narrow corner of the room. The design can blend with interior decoration so that it creates a more cohesive minimalist look.

This minimalist type built-in wall shelf can make your room’s corner more tidy and orderly because it can be built according to your needs. If you don’t have too many items, you can make a small wall shelf, and vice versa. Even if the wall shelves built are large enough, the dimensions of the room will remain the same because they don’t take up additional areas.

Built in shelving ideas
Built-in shelving ideas – Source: tr.pinterest.com
Built in shelving
Built-in shelving  – Source: pinterest.ru

Create a minimalist wall shelf with a ladder model

There are many ways to outsmart a messy room corner with a minimalist wall shelf without changing the overall design of the room. One of them is the stair wall shelf which is currently a trend in the world of interior design.

In the living room, this wall shelf gives a touch of modern or rustic vintage. In short, you don’t need to worry about changing the room design concept if you install this wall shelf.

Modern Ladder model ideas
Modern Ladder model ideas – Source: designshop.ie
Old Ladder Bookcase on Wall
Old Ladder Bookcase on Wall – Source: pinterest.se


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