8 DIY Home Decor Ideas For Tiny Bedroom Design

Talking about the interior design of a comfortable bedroom, this is not just about the bed. Bedroom decoration also has an important role to play in helping the atmosphere and supporting various functions and activities that occur in the bedroom.

DIY Home Decor Ideas For Tiny Bedroom Design
DIY Home Decor Ideas For Tiny Bedroom Design

For those of you who want to give more investment in bedroom decor, in fact, presenting a good bedroom decoration is not always expensive. With your creativity, you can also make DIY bedroom decorations that are not only cheap but also have a higher aesthetic and artistic value.

DIY Bedroom Lights

One of the bedroom decorations that can help make sleep more comfortable is to present a light sleeper as your bedroom decoration. To make a beautiful light sleep is not difficult. You can use glass jars filled with lights and decorated with flowers or other decorations.

Bedroom Wall Light Ideas
Bedroom Wall Light Ideas – Source: hotelinua.com
DIY Wall Light Bedroom Ideas
DIY Wall Light Bedroom Ideas – Source: seekdiy.com

DIY 3D Wall Sticker

Wall stickers have long been the choice of bedroom decor to make the empty wall more alive. However, to make your room walls even more vivid, you can create your origami abilities and make your own wall sticker or three-dimensional wall sticker as a bedroom decoration.

DIY Bedroom Wall 3D Design
DIY Bedroom Wall 3D Design – Source: icoolgadgets.com
DIY Bedroom Wall 3D Ideas
DIY Bedroom Wall 3D Ideas – Source: aliexpress.com

Hanging Photo Design

Make your best photos as part of your bedroom decor. In addition to using photo frames neatly arranged on the bedroom walls in the form of collage photo frames, decorating bedrooms as this one can also be an alternative to juggling all your photos into unique and attractive bedroom decorations.

DIY Hanging Wall Decor
DIY Hanging Wall Decor – Source: frankie.com.au
DIY Photo Hanging Design
DIY Photo Hanging Design – Source: massivebet.info

DIY Hanging Decoration

For those of you who have origami skills, one more cool decor inspiration for the bedroom that you can make using various paper folding techniques. You can hang various ornaments from origami on the back of the bed or on the bed to give the feel of a more lively room.

DIY Hanging Decor Ideas
DIY Hanging Decor Ideas – Source: ystoreusa.com
DIY Hanging Decoration Ideas
DIY Hanging Decoration Ideas – Source: decomg.com

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