12 Unique Valentine Decorations For Your Cool Home Ideas

Do not feel love day is near. Have you prepared Valentine decorations for your loved ones in your home? If so, what design have you prepared? Homemade chocolate, flower bouquet, romantic dinner or doll? This Valentine’s gift seems to have become a mainstream gift so it is less special.

Unique Valentine Decorations For Your Cool Home Ideas
Unique Valentine Decorations For Your Cool Home Ideas

To be more memorable in celebrating Valentine this year, there’s nothing wrong with you trying to design a house with a unique, romantic style that is homemade. Unique homemade Valentine decorations have a deep meaning because there is more effort that you give by designing a house to be loved by the people you love. Now, look at valentine’s inspirations for your home.

Valentine’s Design on the House Door

Welcome guests and people who come to visit you with love. Hang a wreath (door decoration) with a red heart shape, pink or can match the two colors. You can also replace it with small balloons that are formed into hearts. Or other options you can use flowers only.

valentine Porch Door Ideas
valentine Porch Door Ideas – Source: tnrcvblog.com
valentine Porch Door Design Ideas
valentine Porch Door Design Ideas – Source: chuckiesblog.wordpress.com

Valentine’s Window Curtains

This simple idea is also interesting to practice. Your lonely window can give you heart, flower or pom-pom trinkets. Make pieces of heart from paper hanging from top to bottom starting from the largest size to the smallest and arrange randomly.

Valentine Windows Floral Curtain
Valentine Windows Floral Curtain – Source: aliexpress.com
Valentine Windows Curtain
Valentine Windows Curtain – Source: newfrog.com

Heart Fruit Tree

If we usually see the wall decorations of green trees bear fruit, this one is a fruitful tree wall design. You can place this tree decoration on the living room wall to make it look more impressive.

Valentine Wall Decoration Ideas
Valentine Wall Decoration Ideas – Source: cerebralexchange.com
Valentine Wall Decoration
Valentine Wall Decoration – Source: covertarmada.com

Heart Balloon Design in the Bedroom

Fill your room with balloons flying. You can choose a heart balloon or an ordinary round balloon to your heart’s content. Fill with gas which can make a flying balloon and tie a rope.

Bedroom Design Ideas
Bedroom Design Ideas – Source: aliexpress.com
Bedroom With Valentine Decor Ideas
Bedroom With Valentine Decor Ideas – Source: galleryhip.com

Romantic Sentences on the Wall of the House

Sweet words can not only be spoken but also show through the writing on the wall. This also includes a nice Valentine’s decoration. In addition to decoration, you can also give heart-shaped pieces of paper and paste them on your wall.

Valentine Wall Quotes
Valentine Wall Quotes – Source: aliexpress.com
Love Decal Art Ideas
Love Decal Art Ideas – Source: alexnld.com

Romantic Dining Table

Romantic dinners do not only belong to lovers or those who get married. For those of you who plan to have dinner with your family, decorate your dining room to be full of Valentine. Use a pink or white tablecloth, don’t forget to place a candle in the middle of the table to add a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Modern Valentine Ideas
Modern Valentine Ideas – Source: freshome.com
Valentine Dining Table Ideas
Valentine Dining Table Ideas – Source: orchidlagoon.com

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