15 Interesting Entryway Design Ideas For Your Minimalist Home

The entryway is a room that connects the entrance and part of the house or living room. Entryways are usually used in large houses, but do not rule out the entryway can also be used in minimalist homes. In addition to beautifying the appearance of the house, the entryway is also useful for blocking so that cold air from outside does not directly break into the house, as well as being a space to leave jackets or coats, raincoats, umbrellas, and hats. want to try it?

This time we will discuss some interesting ideas on entryway designs for minimalist homes that you might try at home. Let’s listen to it completely!

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15 Interesting Entryway Design Ideas For Your Minimalist Home

1. Stylish small entryway

Does not need a large size, this entryway is very minimalist and has a stylish style that will further make your home look beautiful and charming. The placement of the shelf table right next to the entrance is equipped with a beautiful mirror.

01 Stylish small entryway
Stylish small entryway – source: thespruce.com

2. Bohemian-style entryway

If you are a fan of the bohemian style, you can try this one design idea. The use of accessories that have motives will make your home entryway display a very distinctive and artistic bohemian impression. Other ornaments in the form of antique-style furniture will also add to the bohemian impression of your home.

02 Bohemian style entryway
Bohemian-style entryway – source: bluprin.com

3. Farmhouse-style entryway

The rural style as outlined in the entryway design above is reflected through the dominance of wood brown color, as well as decorative furniture such as water kettle, classic wall clocks, and plant pots. Not forgetting also paintings that depict the scenery included here.

03 Farmhouse style entryway
Farmhouse-style entryway – source: countryliving.com

4. Large mirror on the entryway

Putting a very large mirror on the entryway will certainly add a broad impression to your entryway. The illusion created will make the entryway that initially feels narrow becomes a little felt wide with the large mirror. The mirror can also be used to tidy up your appearance.

04 Large mirror on the entryway
Large mirror on the entryway – source: amberinteriordesign.com

5. Modern minimalist entryway

This entryway design is quite minimalist with a very modern style. The dominant white color and some minimalist furniture, make this entryway very comfortable and charming. Decoration in the form of quotes on the wall also adds to the impression of a minimalist modern on this entryway.

05 Modern minimalist entryway
Modern minimalist entryway – source: bluprin.com

6. Minimalist entryway in classic style

Classic style has never been consumed by the times. His style which has distinctive features, and seems luxurious, makes this style always in demand by many people. With some furniture with classic nuances, your entryway will be beautiful and charming for anyone who enters your house.

06 Minimalist entryway in classic style
Minimalist entryway in classic style – source: decoist.com

7. Vintage-style entryway

If you are a fan of vintage style, you can try this one entryway idea. The use of wood material in the room, and some accessories that seem old school will give the impression of vintage on your home entryway.

07 Vintage style entryway
Vintage-style entryway – source: pinterest.com

8. Classic Japanese entryway

Interior design in homes in Japan is famous for the use of wood and bamboo materials on several sides of the house. If you want to apply Japanese style to your entryway, you can try this one idea. Using wood on the floor of the house, and sliding doors before entering the living room will give the impression of an entryway from the Japanese country.

08 Classic Japanese entryway
Classic Japanese entryway – source: tinyhousetalk.com

9. Shabby Chic Entryway

What do you need to create a romantic and modern shabby chic entryway? Trellis wallpaper, a natural wood console, and a mirror worthy of Snow White.

09 Shabby Chic Entryway
Shabby Chic Entryway – source: suburbanfauxpas.com

10. Semi-open entryway concept

This entryway applies a soothing concept. By giving a window on each side, it will give a beautiful view of your home garden into your home, coupled with the use of wood furniture that gives a natural impression to your entryway.

10 Semi open entryway concept
Semi-open entryway concept – source: bluprin.com

11. The Nonexistent Entryway Solution

If you feel that there is no more space to implement the entryway in your home, you can apply the entryway directly to your living room or family room. Just add a small table behind the sofa and some pretty accessories for your entryway decoration.

11 The Nonexistent Entryway Solution
The Nonexistent Entryway Solution – source: havenly.com

12. Scandinavian-style entryway

If you are a fan of the Scandinavian style, you can try this one idea. The simple design with the addition of minimalist sofa furniture will provide a sense of comfort for its users.

12 Scandinavian style entryway
Scandinavian-style entryway – source: bloglovin.com

13. Entryway which is very functional

This entryway has many functions. By adding a wall shelf along the wall, you can put your various items on the shelf.

13 Entryway which is very functional
Entryway which is very functional – source: vintagerevivals.com

14. Colorful Entryway

If you like a cheerful impression, maybe you can apply this one idea. With the dominance of white on the wall area and colorful room accessories, it will add a cheerful and pleasant impression to your entryway.

14 Colorful Entryway
Colorful Entryway – source: pinterest.com

15. Cute and Cheap Entryway

Don’t have a lot of budging? Don’t worry, you can apply a cheap entryway design that fits you well. By using minimalist furniture with bright colors, you can create a comfortable entryway.

15 Cute and Cheap Entryway
Cute and Cheap Entryway – source: abeautifulmess.com

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