10 Open Family Room Designs For Fomfortable Relaxation That Tou Can Try At Home

For some people, the presence of a lounge in the house is very important as a fatigue release room and to enjoy hobbies or personal activities. The function, shape, and design of the lounge itself can vary greatly depending on the house owner to what type of activity is carried out in the lounge.

Here we have summarized some design ideas. A comfortable lounge for you to try at home.

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10 Open Family Room Designs For Comfortable Relaxation

1. Mini Library as a Relaxing Room

One of the most appropriate activities to relax for some people is to read a book. No wonder many make the library a favorite lounge at home. Just make a bookcase to fill the side of the wall and a relaxing sofa that is comfortable to use for reading activities.

01 Mini Library as a Relaxing Room source pinterest com
Mini Library as a Relaxing Room – source: pinterest.com

2. Lounge in the Loft

An alternative choice of relaxing space for those of you who have other limited land is to use the attic or space above the ceiling of the house as an additional lounge. What you need to consider if you want to conjure up an attic into a relaxing space is structuring good air circulation, because the lounge in the attic certainly has a more stuffy air atmosphere and sometimes also a higher temperature.

02 Lounge in the Loft source adorable home com
Lounge in the Loft – source: adorable-home.com

3. Classic Leisure Room Design

The combination of a classic coffee table and a sturdy rocking chair can be a great choice to calm down while relieving fatigue. In a lounge like this, you can do lots of relaxing activities ranging from just sipping tea or favorite coffee to reading books and magazines. You can also add some complementary furniture in accordance with your activities such as bookshelves to TV sets.

03 Classic Leisure Room Design source homedesignlover com
Classic Leisure Room Design – source: homedesignlover.com

4. Open Lounge

To create the feel of an open lounge, you can use your patio space, balcony area or your backyard as an alternative to a relaxing space. Another trick to having a relaxed space that is open to nuance is to give your student room a wide opening or window that can be opened.

04 Open Lounge source home designing com
Open Lounge – source: home-designing.com

5. Relaxing Room Under the Stairs

Want to have a lounge but the room that you have in your home is limited? Take care of this by utilizing the remaining spaces in the house such as the room under the stairs. With more design and creativity, you can conjure up space under the stairs into a small reading room that is very comfortable to use for just relaxing.

05 Relaxing Room Under the Stairs source houzz com
Relaxing Room Under the Stairs – source: houzz.com

6. Artsy Lounge Space Gallery

Magic the lounge to become an art gallery by displaying some works of art that you like. like a collage of picture frames or painting displays. Also give more space that you can use for painting, making crafts, forming pottery, or other art activities that you enjoy doing.

06 Artsy Lounge Space Gallery source vwartclub com
Artsy Lounge Space Gallery – source: vwartclub.com

7. Magic Roofs become a Relaxing Room

As with open spaces, the atmosphere that you will get from the rooftop lounge will certainly be different than the indoor lounge. Also, make sure you use furniture or furniture that is intended for outdoor spaces so that your living room becomes more durable and not easily damaged due to exposure to direct sunlight and rain.

07 Magic Roofs become a Relaxing Room source decorpad com
Magic Roofs become a Relaxing Room – source: decorpad.com

8. Aquarium Relaxing Room

You can make wall-mounted aquarium or conventional aquariums on an aquarium table for a lower budget and easier maintenance.

08 Aquarium Relaxing Room source loversiq com
Aquarium Relaxing Room – source: loversiq.com

9. Outdoor Garden Lounge

If you have a large and beautiful garden, don’t hesitate to make it an alternative to presenting a relaxing space. The outdoor lounge in the middle of the park will give you a fresher feel when relaxing.

09 Outdoor Garden Lounge source pinterest com
Outdoor Garden Lounge – source: pinterest.com

10. Lounge on the roof of the house

The upper floor area is filled with land planted with shady trees to create a natural impression. This area invites anyone to sit on the couch while reading and listening to music, spending time relaxing.

10 Lounge on the roof of the house source homify com
Lounge on the roof of the house – source: homify.com

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