12 Amazing Scandinavian-Style Apartment Design Ideas That Are Comfortable For You

Scandinavian style is one of the most appropriate and appropriate interior concepts to be applied to any type of residence, apartment or house. Scandinavian design that is identical to the dominant white appearance, is included in the category of simple and simple minimalist style, with a very comfortable and functional appearance.

For those of you who want an apartment that looks bright, spacious and comfortable, Scandinavian design is one of the most appropriate choices of interior design style. Simple, minimal decor, Scandinavian interior appearance is considered to represent the modern lifestyle today.

For those of you who want to try this Scandinavian-style apartment design, you can see some of the ideas we have summarized below!

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12 Amazing Scandinavian-Style Apartment Design Ideas

1. White Color Domination

White is the color element and the most important interior elements of Scandinavian style. White is a characteristic that allows us to easily recognize this one design style. In addition to the wall, white can also be applied to the use of cabinets, tables, sofas to the use of bed linen and bed covers. The white color gives the impression of being spacious, airy, bright and bright in the whole space.

01 White Color Domination 01 source freshome com
White Color Domination 01 – source: freshome.com
01 White Color Domination 02 source desaininterior me
White Color Domination 02 – source: desaininterior.me
01 White Color Domination 03 source dirumahku com
White Color Domination 03 – source: dirumahku.com

2. Wood Elements

Besides using ceramics, Scandinavian styles often use wood for the floor. The wood element is an embodiment of incorporating elements or natural elements with the aim of displaying natural impressions into every space. Wood elements can also give the impression of warmth in a space dominated by white.

02 Wood Elements 01 source homedit com
Wood Elements 01 – source: homedit.com
02 Wood Elements 02 source bluprin com
Wood Elements 02 – source: bluprin.com
02 Wood Elements 03 source bluprin com
Wood Elements 03 – source: bluprin.com

3. Lighting

Pay attention to lighting options in each room in the apartment. Lighting is one of the keys to Scandinavian design. Use bright lights for certain spaces that are large in sizes, such as a living room or family room. As for the bedroom, you can use a warm light that is comfortable and soothing.

03 Lighting 01 source 4betterhome com
Lighting 01 – source: 4betterhome.com
03 Lighting 02 source freshome com
Lighting 02 – source: freshome.com
03 Lighting 03 source dirumahku com
Lighting 03 – source: dirumahku.com

4. Use Accessories

Finally, to beautify space, the use of accessories always plays an important role. Present other bright colors as a decorative accent. Choose colorful accessories that you can also easily move, such as pillows, rugs, chairs, lampshades to paintings. But keep in mind, you have to pay attention to the colors that will be used, not to let various colors gather in one space. Avoid using more than three different colors in your apartment.

04 Use Accessories 01 source designrulz com
Use Accessories 01 – source: designrulz.com
04 Use Accessories 02 source freshome com
Use Accessories 02 – source: freshome.com
04 Use Accessories 03 source pinterest com
Use Accessories 03 – source: pinterest.com

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