10 Creative Recycling Ideas From Wooden Pallets For Decorating Your Home

Do you have unused wood pallets? Don’t let you just throw it away! With a little creativity, you can turn used pallet wood into a variety of chic home furnishings. Besides being more valuable to sell, you can use your own furniture from recycled wood pallets to fill your home.

Here we have summarized some creative ideas that you can use to recycle unused wooden pallets into beautiful home furniture to decorate your home.

10 Creative Recycling Ideas From Wooden Pallets For Decorating Your Home
10 Creative Recycling Ideas From Wooden Pallets

1. Change into Swing Bed or Bed

Almost the same as the process of making swings, recycling wood pallets into hanging beds, aka swing beds can be done by unifying the wood palette horizontally in accordance with the area you want. After that hook the four corners with the mine or iron chain to hang on the roof truss beam of the room. Then put your mattress on a wooden pallet that has been hung.

01 Change into Swing Bed or Bed
Change into Swing Bed or Bed

2. A more artistic space with a suspended ceiling made of wooden pallets

Hanging ceilings usually consist of panels made from gypsum which are hung on an iron frame. Well, it doesn’t hurt you to replace the panel material with wood pallets. In addition to adding an artistic impression to the room, wooden pallets that are installed as suspended ceilings can also cover a variety of mechanical installations on the ceiling of the house such as pipes and electrical cables.

02 A more artistic space with a suspended ceiling made of wooden pallets
A more artistic space with a suspended ceiling made of wooden pallets

3. Become a Couch at the Head of the Board

This one-piece recycled wood palette creation is quite simple. You just have to stack horizontally two to three layers of wood pallets as a place to put the mattress. For the area, you can adjust the size of your bed or bedroom. As for the headboard, you only need to put together a few wooden pallets vertically.

03 Become a Couch at the Head of the Board
Become a Couch at the Head of the Board

4. Transformed into a Rustic-style Sofa

You can arrange the palette wood horizontally for the holder. As for the backrest and arm of the sofa, you can arrange the wooden pallets vertically. The three parts stay together and given a bearing for the seat and back. To create a rustic impression, you don’t need to paint the wood palette too much. Just puree a few dangerous parts.

04 Transformed into a Rustic style Sofa
Transformed into a Rustic style Sofa

5. Stylish Coffee Tables

Just by stacking two sets of wooden pallets horizontally, you will get a square coffee table with a simple impression. If you want to be more stylish, you can add a layer of glass on the surface of your recycling table. In addition, adding wheels to the four lower corners can also make your coffee table easier to move. You can place this table in the living room, living room, or side porch where you usually relax. If you like industrial design in the style of cafes, this table is perfect for you!

05 Stylish Coffee Tables
Stylish Coffee Tables

6. Comfortable Swing for Children

Wood pallets can also be used for the seat section on the swing. Simply linking it to the swing frame using a chain, you can get a cool swing. If you want it to be more complicated, you can add a wooden palette that is mounted vertically as your backrest and put some padded seat pads on it. Children must be at home for a long time enjoying this swing.

06 Comfortable Swing for Children
Comfortable Swing for Children

7. Finishing Sun Deck Floors

Wood is often used as a cover material for sun decks on the edge of the pool. So it is not wrong if the wood material used as part of it is recycled wood pallets. To be more comfortable and durable, you must first smooth the wood surface of the pallet and give it a layer of varnish. Even when arranging it, it is better for the pallet wood to be installed as close as possible to prevent gaps between trees which can be dangerous and make you less comfortable doing activities on it.

07 Finishing Sun Deck Floors
Finishing Sun Deck Floors

8. Antique Lounge Chair

Wooden pallets can also be created into a lounge chair. If you are looking for a comfortable alternative lounge chair, you can try a wooden pallet chair! To make it you have to combine two layers of wood pallets in a horizontal pile plus one layer of wood pallets mounted slightly for the back part. To be more comfortable, you can add accessories in the form of cushion pads on it. This wooden lounge chair can be placed by the pool, or on the back porch of the house.

08 Antique Lounge Chair
Antique Lounge Chair

9. Vertical Garden Ornaments

Wood pallets can be an alternative choice of material that can be used to make vertical gardens on the walls outside the house. The trick is to install it vertically on the wall and add a few additional boards to place the plants. Just give a layer of varnish on the wood palette to make it look natural and blend with the plant. However, you can also paint it in colors that are in harmony with your house’s facade.

09 Vertical Garden Ornaments
Vertical Garden Ornaments

10. Houseware Hanging Area

Maybe this idea could be a solution to overcome the many scattered household appliances. Wood pallets are sufficiently mounted vertically on the wall and given links to the surface. When placed on the kitchen wall, you can, of course, hang the pan, glass, and spatula here. Besides that, your kitchen will also look more attractive with this decorative ornament. This one palette wood creation can also be placed in another area of the house, such as a warehouse or even a bedroom.

10 Houseware Hanging Area
Houseware Hanging Area

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