Just For You! 11 Inspirations To Make Your Living Room Look More Luxurious

Luxury can be expressed in different ways, in materials, styles, and colors. Once this is done with the living room, the elegant guest room will make it comfortable for the homeowner and also our friends or relatives who visit our home.

We have included the choice and want to present it as a source of inspiration for luxury in the living room.

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11 inspirations to make your living room look more luxurious

1. Pastel colors

Sweet innovation in the living room through the use of soft pastels. High windows with curtains from the ceiling to the ground make the room even higher. Soft tones in furniture and accessories keep the living room spacious and light. Some are seen in the photos, but what is certainly not important is the high wall cabinets. It has sturdy wooden boards and doors.

01 Pastel colors
Pastel colors

2. Industrial and colored

The large steel window section gives space to the industrial display. Slim and modern sofas. The living room gets a luxurious look through a combination of industry, modern and hip. Colored pillows on the sofa give the atmosphere. Together with the carpet on the floor, using a pattern, the sleek design makes it warmer. The big part of art really makes a sign in the living room and unites all the colors. Large windows also provide enough light so as not to let the dark colors of the painting dominate. Cabinets along the pillars on the back wall are also a unique idea to create more cabinet space with a rather artistic design.

02 Industrial and colored
Industrial and colored

3. Peace, light and warm in the living room

We see luxury here in large format and simplicity of design. Large luxury sofas offer plenty of space for families and are ideal for a comfortable evening with friends. The walls here offer the same space to the TV and to a long fireplace. The TV is in a recess so it doesn’t protrude into the room. This makes a tight and clean line.

03 Peace, light and warm in the living room
Peace, light and warm in the living room

4. Luxury gray

Everything in this living room exudes pure luxury. It starts with large gray tiles with beautiful reliefs that create a nice mixed effect when the lights fall on the floor. The gray floor was extended on the wall and we also saw it returning to the bank. A difficult accent is a half wooden tree stump as a wall side table. The luxury of pure nature. The mirror is also framed with wood. These elements give warmth to the room. Large columns provide space for TVs and fireplaces to enjoy a pleasant evening.

04 Luxury gray
Luxury gray

5. Neutral colors keep everything calm.

Open living room with luxurious accents Here we see a large bright room with beautiful views. Large windows provide a lot of light. The walls are decorated with colorful artwork. It’s also a great way to show your own style, while the living room remains neutral in color. A difficult accent is a skin pouf that also functions as a table. Here are the smaller elements that give a luxurious effect. What’s also fun is the leopard chair in the corner. Just a little different than the sleek, large and modern sofa. Because the basic colors in the living room are neutral, different styles blend well.

05 Neutral colors keep everything calm
Neutral colors keep everything calm

6. Good contrast with soft colors the rest of the living room.

Natural shades of natural colors and materials. The fireplace forms the dividing wall of the dining room which is also discussed in the Elegant living room article. A neutral colored sofa, but it is fun to use a variety of pillows. After a delicious dinner, you can relax here in luxury.

06 Good contrast with soft colors the rest of the living room
Good contrast with soft colors the rest of the living room

7. Strict and rural

What a beautiful blend between the old and the new. Old wooden cavities stand out well on the walls and tight white ceilings. Wit is certainly a dominant factor here. This also ensures that a number of items stand out. Old brocante-style cabinets in dark wood are another typical furniture. Fireplace with chimney goes into the white room. The soft gray sofa then drew attention again. Simple but just a good combination through simplicity and style.

07 Strict and rural
Strict and rural

8. Dark ball

Dark colors in the living room can be very atmospheric if combined with light accents and beautiful mood lighting. The dark cabinet wall offers storage space but also has a bright open closet to use accessories. Thanks to the lighting, the accessories go better. And what mood makers are these fancy ceiling lights? The graceful shape is reminiscent of ivy which makes the road above the wall.

08 Dark ball
Dark ball

9. This living room is located in a water villa

The split level house division ensures that all rooms are optimally connected. This gives an open atmosphere. Here too, we see a beautiful tapestry maker on the floor and art on the wall. Beautiful accents that keep the living room alive. All of them are very broad. The large couch is almost fused to the wall and each chair blends well with the wood coffee table and floor. Long cabinets on the back wall offer plenty of storage space and store everything you don’t need to see.

09 This living room is located in a water villa
This living room is located in a water villa

10. Luxurious eye pullers on wood

Some large elements that attract attention in the living room can have a luxury look that is far greater than the collection of small accessories More or less. The most interesting elements in this living room are structured wooden walls behind the TV and large sheets on the floor. Characteristic and stylish. A simple narrow sofa is therefore enough. The floating beam has the same color as a wooden wall, so it doesn’t stand out too much. However, he offered space to TV and some small things like a vase for example. A good alternative if you don’t want audio furniture.

10 Luxurious eye pullers on wood
Luxurious eye pullers on wood

11. A magnificent living room

To be honest, this living room will also emit luxury without furniture. The original elements combine superbly with modern interiors. The floor is decorated with large carpets with a palette of color shades. Different surfaces on the carpet provide a good base for large leather sofas. The bank was lined with a closet, which broke the large space. The walls and doors with all original aspects exude old luxury. The actual eye-catcher is a beautiful construction on the ceiling with built-in lighting. Really one of its types. A living room with a format like this requires a good device to not let the furniture be swallowed by the room.

11 A magnificent living room
A magnificent living room

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